Assigning a desktop is the act of entitling a user or group of users to a catalog.

For example allowing John Smith to access the Windows 7 pooled catalog we created earlier.

Its a very simple and easy process to complete.



1. Open Citrix Desktop Studio

Start -> All Programs -> Citrix -> Desktop Studio


2. Select "Assignments" from the inventory on the left.


3. Right click and select "Create assignment"




4. The "Create desktop group" wizard appears to create the assignment.

Select the catalog you want to assign.

Enter the number of VMs you want to assign from the catalog to users.


e.g. You could have a catalog of 250 VMs and only want to create an assignment of 20 desktops to a particular group of users (a department for example) and set some specific options around this later.




5. Select the users (ideally groups) you want to assign the desktops to.

In this case if selected one user myself Andy Barnes and only allowed myself to connect to one desktop.

Click Next.




6. If you have configured additional administrators in Desktop Studio then you can permit them here.

Click Next.




7. Review the summary of this assignment is correct.


The display name is what a user will see in the web interface and connect to with Citrix Receiver so make this simple for them.


The desktop group name is what the admins will see in desktop studio so make this self explantory so its easier to identify.

Click Finish.




8. Once the assignment has been created the assigned users will be able to connect to their desktop instantly. This assume you have the web interface etc configured (if not we are doing that next)!


Note: If a desktop is showing unregistered it is either still booting or the VDA is not registering to the DDC. Check it is getting a DHCP lease can able to contact the DDC. Check firewalls, DNS etc.


Otherwise after a couple of minutes it should appear under "Available".










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