You may or may not have noticed while using vSphere client connected to vCenter there are keyboard shortcuts.


These can be very handy and are worth remembering ones that are useful to you. I will list all that I can find in vCenter here, as far as I know they are not listed anywhere by VMware.













Change Inventory Views


CTRL+SHIFT+H Hosts and Clusters

CTRL+SHIFT+V VMs and Templates

CTRL+SHIFT+D Datastores

CTRL+SHIFT+N Networking



ALT+HOME Go to Home Screen

ALT+LEFT Go Back Through Navigation History

ALT+RIGHT Go Forward Through Navigation History

CTRL+TAB Change Tab Forwards

CTRL+SHIFT+TAB Change Tab Backwards


Making New Things (Depends if your on the Datacenter, Cluster etc)

CTRL+F New Folder

CTRL+D New Datacenter

CTRL+O New Resource Pool

CTRL+H New Host

CTRL+L New Cluster

CTRL+A New vApp

CTRL+N New Virtual Machine


Operate Virtual Machines (A VM needs to be selected)

CTRL+B Power On

CTRL+E Power Off

CTRL+Z Suspend

CTRL+T Reset

CTRL+D Shutdown Guest

CTRL+R Restart Guest

CTRL+ALT+ENTER Enter Full Screen


Manage Objects (These options apply to all objects)

CTRL+P Define Permissions

CTL+S Create Scheduled Task

CTL+M Add Alarm





CTRL+SHIFT+L Licensing

CTRL+SHIFT+O System Logs

CTRL+SHIFT+I Server Settings



CTRL+SHIFT+T Scheduled Tasks



CTRL+SHIFT+P Host Profiles

CTRL+SHIFT+U Customization Specifications Manager




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