Trying to hot clone a physical Dell server running Windows NT that has a Dell Perc 3 / 4 Raid Controller does not work.
Converter will show the following error upon attempting to connect:
"Unable to determine guest operating system".

The converter log shows that it is detecting the right OS at the start:
[2008-12-04 10:32:21.990 'App' 354 info] [osInfoWin32,116] Microsoft Windows NT
[2008-12-04 10:32:21.990 'App' 354 info] [osInfoWin32,203] Server 4.0
[2008-12-04 10:32:22.006 'App' 354 info] [osInfoWin32,260] Service Pack 6a (Build 1381)

The end of the log shows the specific errors:
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.727 'App' 402 info] [attachedDiskWin32,227] IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY not available; assuming device is direct-attached
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.727 'App' 402 warning] [attachedDiskWin32,255] Failed to get capacity for \\.\PhysicalDrive0: error Send a scsi pass-through request to \\.\PhysicalDrive0: Incorrect function (1)
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.727 'App' 402 warning] [attachedDiskWin32,480] Warning: no attached disks were detected.
3 2008-12-04 10:47:19.984 'App' 311 warning attachedDiskWin32,255 Failed to get capacity for
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.727 'App' 402 error] [slave,334] No local disks were detected, so no local host config info.
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.743 'App' 407 error] [importSource,335] Unable to read OS info from system disk: vmodl.fault.SystemError
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.743 'App' 407 error] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,552] VmiQuerySourceInfoTask::task{3}: Image processing task has failed with MethodFault::Exception: sysimage.fault.UnableToDetermineGuestOs
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.743 'App' 407 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,154] VmiQuerySourceInfoTask::task{3}: SetState to error
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.774 'App' 403 verbose] [disposable,122] object explicitly disposed: VmiQuerySourceInfoTask::task{3}
[#4] [2008-12-04 10:33:24.774 'App' 403 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,123] VmiQuerySourceInfoTask::task{3} being destroyed

This is a known issue with perc raid controllers 3 and 4 and Windows NT which does not understand the scsi command "read capacity". It returns "Incorrect function" when handling this scsi pass-through request sent by Converter code to retrieve the disk capacity.

A way round this is to use the cold clone CD if you have Converter enterprise (because it is based on windows server 2003). VMware are working on a fix to it but aparentley forsee this being fixed in the next release which is Converter 4 in 2009.

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