With the vSphere PowerCLI its possible to deploy multiple virtual machines from templates defined in a CSV file.
The CSV file needs contain the following column headings exactly for the below script to work.




You will need an existing template you have created prior and also a guest OS customisation specification.



Connect-VIServer vcenter1.vmadmin.co.uk

$VirtualMachinesCSV = "C:\VMsFromTemplate.csv"
$strDescription = "Created from template and CSV by Andy Barnes"

$VirtualMachinesDetails = Import-CSV $VirtualMachinesCSV
$VirtualMachinesDetails | %{ New-VM -Name $_.Name -Template $(Get-Template  $_.Template) -VMHost $(Get-VMHost $_.DestinationHost) -OSCustomizationSpec $(Get-OSCustomizationSpec $_.CustomSpec) }
$VirtualMachinesDetails | %{ Set-VM -VM $_.Name -NumCpu $_.NumCpu -MemoryMB $_.MemoryMB -Description $strDescription -Confirm:$false }
$VirtualMachinesDetails | %{ Start-VM -VM $_.Name -Confirm:$false }

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