1. Connect to the SAN via a serial cable to the active storage processor.


2. Enter the group login and password (grpadmin/grpadmin is default).


PS Series Storage Arrays
Unauthorized Access Prohibited
login: grpadmin

login:1267803807.15:login.c:583:INFO:46.2.0:CLI: Login to account grpadmin using
 a serial connection succeeded.

              Welcome to Group Manager
        Copyright 2001-2008 EqualLogic, Inc.
It appears that the storage array has not been configured.
Would you like to configure the array now ? (y/n) [n]SP:1267803824.42:ses.c:5176
:INFO:28.2.92:Secondary controller CEMI firmware version: 06.08
3. Enter the command "setup", followed by your required network configuration and password(s).
CLI> setup
                Group Manager Setup Utility

 It appears that setup was run previously, but it did not
 complete. Restarting setup.

 Enter the network configuration for the array.
   Member name []: demo1
   Network interface [eth0]:
   IP address for network interface []:
   Netmask []:
   Default gateway []:
 Initializing interface eth0.  This may take a minute...
 Enter the IP address and name of the group that the array will join.
   Group name []: demogrp
   Group IP address []:
 Searching to see if the group exists.  This may take a few minutes.

 The group does not exist or currently cannot be reached. Make sure
 you have entered the correct group IP address and group name.
   Do you want to create a new group (yes | no) [yes]:
       Group Configuration
  Group Name:                     demogrp
  Group IP address:     
   Do you want to use the group settings shown above (yes | no) [yes]:
   Password for managing group membership:
   Re-enter password for verification:
   Password for the default group administration account:
   Retype password for verification:

 Saving the configuration...
 Waiting for configuration to become active......Done
272:1:psgd: 5-Mar-2010 10:48:14.280002:psgd_group.cc:11166:INFO:18.2.0:Group mem
ber demo1 now active in the group.
 Group demogrp has been created with one member.
 Use the Group Manager GUI or CLI to set the RAID policy
 for the member.  You can then create a volume which
 a host can connect to using an iSCSI initiator.

 To access the Group Manager GUI, specify http://group_ip_address in
 a Web browser window.  To access the CLI, use telnet or SSH to
 connect to the group IP address from a remote terminal, or attach a
 console terminal directly to a serial port on a group member's
 active control module.  See the Group Administration manual for more

4. Basic configuration is now complete. To continue setup connect to the group IP address in a web browser.





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