ntdsutil: activate instance ntds

Active instance set to "ntds".

ntdsutil: semantic database analysis



semantic checker: help

? - Show this help information

Check Quota - Integrity-check quota-tracking table

Get %d - Get record info with given DNT

Go - Start Semantic Checker with No Fixup

Go Fixup - Start Semantic Checker with Fixup

Help - Show this help information

Quit - Return to the prior menu

Rebuild Quota - Force asynchronous rebuild of quota-tracking


Verbose %s - Turn verbose mode on/off


semantic checker: verbose on

Verbose mode enabled.

semantic checker: go fixup

Fixup mode is turned on

Opening DIT database... Done.



Writing summary into log file dsdit.dmp.0

SDs scanned: 91

Records scanned: 3470

Processing records..Done. Elapsed time 3 seconds.




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