esxcli storage vflash device list
Name                    Size  Is Local  Is Used in vflash  Eligibility
--------------------  ------  --------  -----------------  ---------------------------------
naa.500a07510d7fe78  457862      true               true  It has been configured for vflash

esxcli storage vflash module stats get
 Num Active VMDKs: 14

esxcli storage vflash cache list
vfc-1983176101-VDI-WIN8-06_7, vfc-4021122832-VDI-WIN8-23_7, vfc-3000029973-VDI-WIN8-09_7, vfc-2124597347-VDI-WIN8-03_7, vfc-1680598784-VDI-WIN8-20_7, vfc-1013126640-VDI-WIN8-01_7, vfc-2758144928-VDI-WIN8-19_7, vfc-2792158483-VDI-WIN8-07_7, vfc-1738141991-VDI-WIN8M-02_7, vfc-4196600336-VDI-WIN8-15_7, vfc-760558246-VDI-WIN8-11_7, vfc-3884670995-VDI-WIN8M-01_7, vfc-2815420155-VDI-WIN8-18_7, vfc-3895688468-VDI-WIN8-13_7

esxcli storage vflash cache stats get -c vfc-3000029973-VDI-WIN8-09_7
         Cache hit rate (as a percentage): 7
         Total cache I/Os: 4488
         Mean cache I/O latency (in microseconds): 401
         Mean disk I/O latency (in microseconds): 23380
         Total I/Os: 69933
         Mean IOPS: 90
         Max observed IOPS: 4385
         Mean number of KB per I/O: 39
         Max observed number of KB per I/O: 39
         Mean I/O latency (in microseconds): 10992
         Max observed I/O latency (in microseconds): 13869
         Last I/O operation time (in microseconds): 0
         Number of I/O blocks in last operation: 0
         Mean blocks per I/O operation: 0
   Total failed SSD I/Os: 0
   Total failed disk I/Os: 0
   Mean number of cache blocks in use: 0



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