This is a guide to the process of updating VMware ESX Server Its intention is to give an overview of the steps involved rather than going into too much detail, as this can vary from version to version.

1. Download ISO media from VMware website.

2. Burn ISO to CD.

3. Read the release notes.

4. VMotion / Cold migrate all VMs to another ESX server. Ensure there are no VMs on the server using local storage.

5. Note down all configuration settings exactly (vSwitches, IP addresses, VLANs, etc)

6. Remove the ESX server from VC if applicable.

7. Remove all fibre connections from the ESX server.

8. Boot the server from the new ESX server CD.

9. Install ESX server. Remove CD. Reboot.

10. Configure settings are required.

11. Reconnect fibre.

12. Add ESX server back into VirtualCenter if applicable.

13. Check the version/build number is now updated.

14. Test that all functionality is working correctly.

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