So you have you ThinApp and everything is working fine and dandy, then a user comes along and asks for a desktop shortcut to the application.

Lets say it's for an Office 2010 Visio ThinApp. It's a simple process to add this to the ThinApp which will be created dynamically when the ThinApp is assigned to the desktop (based on AD groups too if your using them to restrict ThinApp access!).



1. Go to your ThinApp project build directory

2. Open Package.ini with Notepad

3. Navigate to the entry point you want to add a desktop shortcut for (e.g. Microsoft Visio 2010.exe)

4. In the "Shortcuts" parameter add "%Desktop%" (as in the image) e.g. Shortcuts=%Desktops%;%Programs%/Microsoft Office

5. Close and save "Package.ini"

6. Run build.bat to rebuild you ThinApp.


Note: Multiple shortcut locations must be seperated with semicolon ";"







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