What is VMware DRS and how does it work?

VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) is a feature which is available in vCenter to balance the load on ESX/ESXi Servers.

VMware DRS allocates and balances resources in a DRS cluster. It does this dynamically and continuously monitors for changes in utilization.
Resource pools are used to allocate resources to a set of virtual machines in a DRS cluster.
When load increases in a VM, DRS will redistribute VMs to other physical servers if required to ensure all VMs get their correct share of resources.

When a VM is powered on DRS is used to decide which server it is best to be placed on.
If a VM is running and DRS decides that it needs to be placed on another physical server to ensure its requirements are met, vMotion is used.
This allows the VM to be moved without powering it off or loss of service, allowing resources to be balanced.

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