These are advanced options that can be specified in the HA settings.

Most commonly used is the das.isolationaddress options below which is used to detect if an ESX/ESXi server has lost connectivity with the network. Several addresses can be checked, but dont forget to set the das.usedefaultisolationaddress to false!


To add advanced HA options do the following:
Open the cluster settings.
Click the "Advanced Options" in the HA section.
Enter the attribute and the value per line.


das.isolationaddress# (e.g. das.isolationaddress1)

Address to ping to determine if a host is isolated from the network. If not set uses the default gateway of the service console. Upto 10 isolation addresses can be set starting with das.isolationaddress1.

Specifies to use the default isolation address or the addresses specified. (True or False)

Failure detection time for host monitoring. The default is 15000 milliseconds

Heartbeat interval for HA hosts. Default is 1000 milliseconds.

The host HA fails VMs to.

The time HA waits for a VM to shut down before powering it off. Default is 300 seconds.

The maximum bound on the memory slot size.

The maximum bound on the CPU slot size.

Memory resource value assigned to a VM if it’s not specified or zero. Default is 0 MB.

Default CPU resource value assigned to a VM if it’s not specified or zero. Default is 256MHz.

I/O stats interval for VM monitoring sensitivity. Default is 120 (seconds).


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